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Greek Cuisine Withstands the Test of Time

For more than 4,000 years, Greeks have been dominating the culinary world with their uniquely delicious cuisine. Heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea; Greek cuisine is headlined by fresh fish, olives, potatoes, figs, dates, various vegetables, herbs and other meats like lamb. Wine is also a significant component, not only for drinking but also for cooking. The first cookbook ever written in history was by Archestratus in the year 320 B.C., so it’s safe to say that Greeks have extensive experience when it comes to creating delicious dishes.

A recipe doesn’t withstand the test of time unless it is built on sound food principles. At KIKI on the River, you will find some of the most traditional dishes the culture is known for as well as delicious modern Greek cuisine.

These are just a few of the mainstay dishes that can be found on the menu of the exceptional Miami riverside restaurant:

  • Keftedakia

Traditional Greek-style meatballs that are topped with ladolemono sauce.

  • Octopus

One of the most iconic staples of Greek cuisine, this dish features olive oil braised octopus paired with a mixture of red onions, fried capers, olive oil, and parsley.

  • Saganaki

Kefalograviera cheese that is lightly fried and topped with lemon and oregano.

  • Tsipoura

Mediterranean Dorada.

  • Lavraki

Mediterranean Sea Bass.

  • Barbouni

Fried Mediterranean Red Mullet with Skordalia and lemon.

  • Horta

Sautéed spinach with fresh garlic.

  • Baklava

Perhaps one of the most delectable desserts, baklava is a layered pastry that consists of phyllo dough with a chopped mixture of nuts and sweet syrup.

This is just a small sample of the exquisite menu KIKI on the River offers as one of the premier Greek restaurants in Miami. So, the next time you’re craving Greek food, head to KIKI. To check out the full menu, visit

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  1. No matter what your taste in food is, you can find a Greek dish you like. Whether more exotic- like octopus, or mainstream- like a Greek chicken dish. It’s all about how it’s prepared.

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