Top Miami Events for December 2017

What’s hot: Art Basel, Katy Perry, Cirque du Soleil, Christmas Fests and New Year’s Fireworks! December is such a pleasant time to be in Miami, it is not only the cooler sunny skies that are the magnet but also the barrage of top-line events that start kicking off in and around the city… …the art …
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The Best Places to Visit in Greece in 2017

From world-renowned Santorini to wild Vovousa, and from the hipster magnet Antiparos to the unknown paradise of Chrysi, here are 17 destinations that will make you dream of your next escape in Greece. ATHENS – COOL CULTURE, GREAT SIGHTS While Athens has been bearing the brunt of the Greek crisis, it has also undergone an …
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How the Greeks Invented Salad

The tradition of eating salad at the beginning of our meals was a practice put forth by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. Hippocrates believed that eating raw vegetables was a healthier way to eat and if people ingested an assortment of raw vegetables before consuming the bulk of their meals, it would aid in digestion …
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Sharing Their Love of Greek Cuisine

There’s a Greek restaurant in Miami that has everyone talking: KIKI on The River. Passion is evident in all parts of this restaurant serving modern Greek cuisine. Occupying what was once a fish market, this restaurant now brings exquisite Greek cuisine to the shores of the Miami River. Amongst the hustle and bustle of the …
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Greek Cuisine Withstands the Test of Time

For more than 4,000 years, Greeks have been dominating the culinary world with their uniquely delicious cuisine. Heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea; Greek cuisine is headlined by fresh fish, olives, potatoes, figs, dates, various vegetables, herbs and other meats like lamb. Wine is also a significant component, not only for drinking but also for …
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